The Figure skater

Figure skating is a popular sport and recreational event

There is numerous categories and disciplines. Skaters train for years if they want to compete on the world stage. Others find enjoyment with performing precise movements on the ice. Figure skating can be performed out doors or at a skating rink. Ice skater will list some of the common moves that the ice skaters perform. Even a basic jump or spin can take a lot of practice to do perfectly and some bumps and bruises can occur.

Figure skating

Figure skaters use specialized skates to do the acrobatics on ice. Having sharp skates is critical to do a good performance. The skates have a grove in the bottom of the blade to give it 2 edges. This allows for very sharp turns and spins depending on how the skater applies their weight. The skates also have jagged blade ends called picks. Figure skating is done by singles (men and ladies) duos (pair skating) and also in groups such as a dance performance on ice. They can be very captivating for the people or audience watching. Skaters will synchronize their movements and jumps with music.

Some top skaters will preform at ice shows on their off season from competition.

Various moves for figure skaters

figure skater death drop

        The death drop
figure skating upright spin

        Upright spin

figure skate camel spin

              Camel spin
lay back spin catch foot

Catch foot lay back spin

figure skate sit spin

        Sit spin

couples camel spin

Couples camel spin
figure skating basic edge with unsupported leg
Basic outside edge with free leg unsupported

figure skaters performing inside death spiral

 Back inside death spiral

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speed skating

Speed skate racing is another event ice skaters participate in

The sport requires a different skate than is used in figure skating or hockey. The blades are very long in comparison. Aerodynamic body suits are worn by competitive racers which greatly reduce air flow over the body. Organizations will spent much time and money to create the best design. Even small changes can give a skater an edge over the competition which is won by fractions of a second in some instances.

Racers have individual events, pairs or group racing which is usually called relay racing. Speed skaters will skate a predetermined number of laps or distance and then a team mate will take over and continue. The relay skater will try to be close to speed when the first skater catches them and then they carry on. This will be repeated for the number of skaters in the event.

Short track racing will see extreme bursts of speed where in a long track skaters try and hold a fast pace but also be able to last the length of the course. Timing is crucial because if the skater starts out too strong they will run out of energy before the race is completed. In some races a skater will hold the lead only to be passed near the end of the race by a competitor who has energy left and not spent to early in the race. 

Speed racing is very competitive and bad injuries have been sustained while the skaters jockey for position. A slight bump or shove while in a corner can send them into the barriers at high speed.

speed skating crash